Thursday, May 29, 2008

Christopher's Kitchen Personal Chef Services and Caterer

Welcome to Christopher's Kitchen!
All natural meal services, catering and dinner parties.

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new website and services! Christopher's Kitchen is a personal chef service unlike no other meal program available anywhere. We offer only fresh, all natural restaurant quality meals that are well balanced with a variety of vegetables, grains and starches and tailor them to your individual needs. We take all of the stress out of choosing, planning and preparing meals by preparing them in our own kitchen, packaging, labeling and delivering them to your home. It could not be any easier or better for you and your family!

New All Inclusive Pricing On Meal Services.
New menus. More choices. Delicious food.

Our new commercial kitchen has allows us to prepare your custom meals more effeciently. For about the cost of going out to eat, you can now enjoy restaurant quality meals that are also wholesome and all natural without having to drive, choose a place or wait in line. Every week we will email you a menu with a variety of items to choose from. You simply send your choices back to us and on your delivery day we prepare and deliver your fresh and all natural meals packaged, labeled and ready to enjoy at your own leisure. Imagine all of the time you will save and the comfort of knowing you are finally making healthy food choices. It's so simple and so good!
Our meal services are perfect for busy families, singles, health conscious, diabetics, the elderly or anyone who has a passion for good food.
*All new clients will receive one free week after 3 months of services.
*Refer a new client and receive 20% off your next delivery!
How about a truly unique and memorable gift? Contact us for gift certificates today.
Nutrition and Real Choices.
Eating healthy can actually taste good.
We have recently partnered with the certified nutritional counselors from
Nutritionally Yours in Hazlet, NJ. If you are looking to get yourself on the right track to getting fit, feeling better, having more energy or simply just want to assure a healthier lifestyle, then we have the perfect solution for you. You can meet with Nutritionally Yours and they will asses your individual needs and goals. They will then guide you down the path to a healthier lifestyle while we prepare your approved meals that are 100% natural and unprocessed. It is the total package that will help you make a difference in your life.
Fine Catering and Dinner Parties.
The best ingredients make the best dishes.
We know how to host a party. From our award winning food, to our exquisite catering and our fantastic dinner parties, you are sure to enjoy an unforgettable dining experience. We believe that the best ingredients make the best dishes. We know how it is to be unhappy with food choices. That's why Christopher chooses only what is best to ensure that your event surpasses your expectations.
Our dinner parties are simply unforgettable. Imagine hosting your next dinner party without having to plan or prepare anything. We will create a custom menu for you and your guests and prepare, serve and clean up. How great would it be to have an award winning chef personally prepare meals in your own home?
Please visit our new site to view sample menus for your next event as well as our unique personal chef services. Our menus are created on an indiviual basis with your needs in mind.
Christopher Dutka
Christopher's Kitchen
Freehold, NJ 07728
real food. real choices.
Please recycle. We love our planet!

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