Thursday, August 7, 2008

Prime Woman Magazine Story

Be Your Own Guest for Dinner
By Fran Goldberg

Having a personal chef is no longer for
the lifestyle of the rich and famous.
According to the American Personal Chef
Institute & Assn., there are over 9,000 personal
chefs in the U.S. serving 72,000 clients --
families with working parents, busy single
professionals, and people with restricted diets,
or health concerns.

A personal chef can make your life easier and
your meal times pleasant. What is your time
worth on an hourly basis? How much time do
you spend shopping, cooking, and cleaning?
How much do you spend on groceries that
you throw out of the bottom of the fridge
each week? How much do you spend on eating
out or ordering in your weekday meals?
What else could you be doing rather than
standing in line at the grocery store?

Chef Christopher Dutka of Christopher’s
Kitchen, one of the finest personal chef services
and caterers in New Jersey, creates custom
menus tailored to your needs. He provides
real choices, custom designed meal services
for your specific lifestyle. Using only the
highest quality, all natural, organic and local
ingredients his meal delivery services save you
time, reduce stress and ensure you are eating
wholesome prepared foods.

On your delivery day, he will bring the freshest
and most wholesome, never frozen meals,
packaged and labeled for you to reheat at
your own convenience. Some clients enjoy
their prepared meals during the week, freeing
them to enjoy cooking for themselves on the
weekends. Others prefer meals on hand for a
few days, or need more meals than just dinners.
Christopher’s Kitchen will meet your specific
lifestyle needs.

Chef Christopher also caters parties and special
occasions. His catering selections are custom
tailored to your palate and the options
are endless. He will put together a menu
designed especially for your event. From
drop-off sandwiches to full service dinner
menus complete with professional staffing, he
will work with your budget to create a custom
menu that will impress both you and your
guests. Located in Monmouth County,
Christopher’s Kitchen services most areas of
New Jersey.

It’s late, you’re hungry and you have to get
home. That’s the worst time to be buying dinner.
Prepared foods can be costly and less
healthy than we realize as we hurriedly select
from the market shelves of packaged meals
without regard for the ingredients. Chef
Christopher knows that the best ingredients
make the best dishes.

Having a personal chef come to your home can
be very affordable and healthful. You can actually
“buy time” by having Chef Christopher do
your shopping, your food preparation, and
supply you with easy heating directions. He
makes it so easy to enjoy nutritious meals in the
comfort of your own home...with your family
at your own dinner table!

From drop-off sandwiches
to full service dinner menus
complete with professional
staffing, he will work with
your budget to create a
custom menu...

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Kat said...

This is awesome Chris...
I had considered this route so so many times. Reading about you and all you are doing makes me regret not following through. All my best to you!

You have to go check out my cousin's blog. We all do a LOT of cooking and then she re-creates it so people can eat healthier.

Her name is Gina. Feel free to stop in and say hi and that you know me. She is an amazing woman and my best friend.