Thursday, October 2, 2008

Christopher's Kitchen Cooking Classes and Fissler Cookware

Outstanding Cooking Classes From an Award Winning Chef!

Looking for something different to do with your friends? How about a unique team building event for the office? Book a cooking class with Christopher's Kitchen and you will learn how to make terrific food from an accomplished chef and have so much fun creating up to 3 dishes. What a great way to bond with your friends or co-workers. We can come to your home or you can come to our kitchen in Hamilton Square. We can host up to 40 guests in our kitchen! Need more room? We can also recommend locations for larger parties.

Looking For A New Set of Pots and Pans to Last a Lifetime? Fissler is the Best.

Christopher's Kitchen is now an authorized dealer of the finest European cookware. Fissler is a German company that makes the most durable and innovative cookware for over 20 years. The pans distribute heat so evenly it makes cooking so much simpler.

My personal favorite is the Blue Point pressure cooker. The first day I received it I made my signature braised beef short ribs with Jamaican spices in 25 minutes! They usually take about 2 hours. Pressure cookers are the perfect tool to retain vitamins and minerals and to use less fat.

I also love their nonstick pans. These are made "PFOA free." In short, that is a chemical that leaches toxins into your food when heated and therefore your body. They have received multiple awards for their pans and deservingly so. Please contact us today as these pans are very hard to find. You can order them directly from us and they will be shipped to your home. Visit their website at

Christopher's Kitchen and Many Local Businesses Help Raise $6500 for Debbie!

Thanks to all who helped raise over $6500 for the Dinner With Debbie fund! Your contributions are much appreciated by her and her family. You can still help by offering a monetary donation. If you would like to donate, please contact Caroline Brown at mhtml:%7B2A5A157D-2013-4838-8433-39DB6C728CC2%7Dmid://00000024/! or Christine Veronelli at mhtml:%7B2A5A157D-2013-4838-8433-39DB6C728CC2%7Dmid://00000024/!

Our 2008 Thanksgiving Menu is in the Works!

As soon as we source the finest natural ingredients we will post our menu. Take it easy this year and let us do all the work. Nothing beats an all natural Thanksgiving day feast with your loved ones and no stress. Imagine that.

Christopher Dutka

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